Intensive week and closing meeting 05.06-07.06.2023

Published on 24 August 2023 at 14:27

Ebreast2 project`s learning and teaching event took place at 05.06.-07.06, at Tartu Healthcare college`s campus.

There were 20 onsite and 10 online participants from different countries, bringing valuable insights to the usage of our nearly-ready online learning platform. Also, during the three days, there were interesting expert lectures covering most important aspects of what the project has been about, all of them from different angles: Breast cancer patient`s point of view on the interprofessional collaboration, breast cancer treatment, online learning methods and modern methods of learning and teaching tools for the patients and professionals. After the lectures and workshops, course days ended with tours to Tartu Healthcare College facilities and Tartu University Hospital, radiotherapy departement.

As a conclusion from the intensive week, participants gained knowledge on how to start using the platform in their everyday work, how to promote it in their instiutions and networks.

After the course,on 08.06, the project team held it`s final meeting during which, the three days were reflected, discussed and final steps to take were noted. As the platform has already been tested among various users: project team, students, steering group, intensive week participants, the team can be confident that after the final touch-ups are performed, the platform is ready for use and the content is useful for CPD and teaching&learning purposes among vast range of professionals or others interested.


Official launching date of the platform is by 30.10.2023!

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